Friday, January 18, 2013


*Continuing our celebration of Salvatore's birthday , here is the second of 2 special posts!*

This one is another submission, in effect, from the archives, by my lovely wife Claire:

When she and I were newly dating and Sal and I worked together at the museum, Claire was leaving the museum one day after meeting us for lunch and found this in the parking lot. She showed it to me later and said "I think this looks just like Sal!" I was skeptical at first, but age progression software proves her point. Happy Birthday, Baby Sal!


*On the occasion of Sal's birthday, here is the first of 2 special posts!!!*

Our 2nd submission comes via Facebook from none other than SAL himself:

Says Sal: How's this for a doppelgänger!

Pulled this from my dad's Italian tabloid.

Thanks, Sal! And thanks to you, unknown Italian tabloid 
doppelgänger dude.